HQF was born in Rome in 2003 with the aim of guaranteeing the Chefs with an accurate selection of products of excellent quality, combined with a unique service.

In 2014, the new company High Quality Food International, dedicated to the international market, was officially created, born with the aim of guaranteeing also for the foreign market the availability of HQF first choices, products that combine innovation and the unique flavour of Italian tradition.

The logistic platform is located in London and the number of clients is in continuous growth, thanks to the professionalism and care of managers and food professionals, who hold high the brand HQF. The results have been achieved also thanks to the co-operation with the Chefs, who have always been our partners and consultants when selecting and defining recipes in order to obtain ideal and certified products. HQF International guarantees excellent quality products and outstanding services and logistics, and a delivery service always on time.

HQF’s first choices reach the best kitchens not only in Europe, but also in the world. From China to Dubai, from Miami to Japan, thanks to agreements with outstanding international partners, HQF brings to every corner in the world the high name of good Italian food.